Zombies in the White House?

[referring to the Nixon administration:] "All the president's men are mostly dead." - Washington Post, 16 March 2017, page C1. The writer of this beautiful line is Juliet Eilperin. [see www.terencekuch.com for a strange new post every day]       … [Read more...]

“The Livin’ Daid” – Zombies in the Hinterland / Memorable Fancies #1671

Well, the rumor spread that a troop a’ zombies had attacked a blood bank somewhere outta town, and so wouldn’t ya know it, everbody got real upset and started runnin’ around and the hardware stores was sellin’ outta axes and especially them big long-handled hammers, and o’course sportin’ goods stores was really stripped within a coupla days, like crossbows by people who thought it’d be real easy to kill zombies with ’em since they’d saw that on TV where they never miss a shot, but I’ll bet you … [Read more...]

“It’s Off To Work We Go” / Memorable Fancies #1636

You get on a bus for the morning commute. After a few minutes, you realize that the bus isn’t on its usual route; in fact, it’s headed out of town and your job is in the middle of the city. You get up to speak with the driver but – suddenly the bus stops and the door opens. You see pits outside, squirming with desperate bodies. You think you will be forced outside, forced into the pits, and then what? You begin to panic. But no one attempts to push you out. Instead, the bodies from the pits … [Read more...]

“Zombie-World” / Memorable Fancies #1630

In a world of zombies, some, being bitten, turn into – people. Zombies flee from them, hide, form small desperate groups featured in TV series, movies. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished]   … [Read more...]

“The Clicking Dead” / Memorable Fancies #1543

Dead people are following Jason’s blog – first one, then more, then hundreds, thousands. What’s going on? Were they dead when they clicked “Follow”? or... Jason is worried about what’s next. And when he looks at other peoples' blogs, he begins to wonder...   … [Read more...]

“Survival Hints for Zombies” / Memorable Fancies #1427

Survival Hints for Zombies - How to Survive Those Hordes of Humans It’s a dangerous world out there, what with all those humans who’d love to waste you. Here are a few tips to help you stay alive while dead: 1) Try to dress a little better. 2) Do something about your complexion 3) Don’t stare at people’s necks –at least, don’t be so obvious about it. 4) If you can manage to speak a few words of English, try saying “It’s OK, I’m a famous rock star.” 5) Or if you can say “Ha y’all doin?,” … [Read more...]

“The Zombie Society’s Annual Conference” / A Memorable Fancy #148

The Zombie Society of America’s Annual Conference featured a number of sessions, including: .. Fast, or slow? .. Do all the dead become zombies, or only those who’ve been bitten? .. Why necks? A plea for noses. .. Fashion trends in ripped clothing, and their sociological significance. .. Does “Aarghghghgh” really mean anything? If so, what? Refreshments were served.   … [Read more...]

“The Clanking Dead” / A Memorable Fancy #136

Here they come, the zombie robots, CPU’s hacked, operating systems corrupted. We thought at first they’d just attack other machines, not us; but it didn’t turn out that way. Oh, they liked to chew on machines, all right, especially car fenders. But one of them destroyed an F-150 out in California, and then found people trapped inside and killed them, too. The virus spread to other machines, and now we hide if we can. It’s tough to kill a zombie robot. Most of them are armored now, so it’s … [Read more...]

“The Brotherhood” / A Memorable Fancy #044

Like many fringe groups, the Brotherhood taught that only 144,000 people could be saved. Given this limit, they observed various practices pleasing to God, in order to place their members in Heaven. The Brotherhood, however, taught that, given the billions of people who had lived and died since Adam, heaven had surely received its 144,000th worthy many centuries before: No Vacancy. Therefore, a Brother’s only hope of heaven was to persuade God to expel one of the previously saved. When … [Read more...]