“Forgettable Time” / Memorable Fancies #828

[“I’ve been thinking about forgettable time, like in an airport” – Lucy Corin]         Forgettable time includes the time I spent cleaning up after the event, and the time when the event itself happened, and the time spent in preparing for the event that turned out to be forgettable, ... if I could only stop thinking about it. If I could only forget. <END> THE SATURDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, in Facebook, or on other … [Read more...]

“The Artist Signs His Work” / Memorable Fancies #821

         I had a body part surgically removed. No, I won’t say which one, because it’s embarrassing. The surgeon said not to worry: many people live long, productive lives without that part. I said, “productive” isn’t my top priority here, especially considering the part we’re talking about. He said, it will have to go, anyway, or you’ll die next week. So I told him to go ahead and hack it off, an expression he considered unprofessional.          I asked him if, after the operation, he’d give … [Read more...]

“Toccata” / Memorable Fancies #815

Although the plague finally quit our shores years ago, we’ve never returned to the habit of touching each other. No handshakes, no hugs, no kisses. Even though the danger is long past, touching another, except privately within the family, is still – not prohibited, actually. The real issue is queasiness – the disgust of imagining another’s skin on ours. Still, the old desires die slowly. There are private touching-parlors where we can pay – probably too much – for anonymous touching, faces … [Read more...]

“The Metamorph” / Memorable Fancies #808

      One morning, Hal White wakes up and finds himself in a body he doesn’t recognize. Whose? And he’s in a strange place – a house. He begins to panic. What’s happened? He finds the bedroom closet and tries on a shirt. The collar is the right size. So are the shoes. The necktie patterns are just the ones he would have chosen.        He searches the house for clues, discovers his body’s name (“James R. Daily”), and that Daily seems to be married to a woman named Nancy. So where is Nancy, he … [Read more...]

“Friendly Skies – II” / Memorable Fancies #777

       The Infrequently Friendly Skies have announced a new policy to enhance frequent-flier delight: computer-matching of passengers to seats.        Those with intersecting interests are seated together: manufacturers with retailers, for example; politicians with lobbyists; payday lenders with desperate debtors; salesman with passengers who have brought hearing aids that they can make a show of turning off. Philosophers were originally seated together, but this policy was discontinued after … [Read more...]

“Full Disclosure” / Memorable Fancies #770

[“...allowing therapists to insert thoughts and memories into the mind of the patient.” – Marina Warner]      “Now Mr. Thompson, we’re going to insert some thoughts into your mind: memories, preferences, attitudes. When you awake, you’ll think they’re your own thoughts that you’ve had for years. We’ve tried other procedures, but in your case they’ve failed.      “You’ll be sedated, but only briefly, and after two or three hours you’ll be ready to go home. If you do not consent to this … [Read more...]

Five Briefs / Memorable Fancies #763

[“...the secret names of things” – Roberto Calasso] - Not only cats have secret names, but things do as well. That blender? “Crunch” it wanted to be called, but the name was taken. # Searching for my words so rashly spoken, hunting them down, those unfortunate words that barely escaped me, got away before I could re-call them. Eating, swallowing them down like a fish devouring its own eggs. # Remembering that time, the two shadows act out a dumb-show of the final meeting between … [Read more...]

“Act-Coin” / Memorable Fancies #756

["…behavior swaps and dumps.” – Ben Marcus]      Behaviors are now treated as assets. They’re priced and traded. Financial touts admonish investors on their relative merits, like horses at the track. Value is created by act-miners who behave in certain ways; their actions are captured and recorded, deposited in the Act Bank. Bundles of acts are created and collateralized.      After a few months there is a panic on the exchanges, rumors of defaults and SEC investigations. Despairing … [Read more...]

Five Briefs / Memorable Fancies #749

Lynne and I: we both loved her smile. She, especially. # [“The height of all tragedies lies in the deafness of the protagonists.” Albert Camus] – Did you think Camus was speaking only of the stage? # Yesterday’s headline: WAR AVOIDED. Today’s headline: WAR AVOIDED. Why is this news? # Government arranges with universities to develop seed-dreams that promote loyalty and motivate people to approve of – certain legislative proposals. # I am writing this in case others have … [Read more...]

“I am two people” / Memorable Fancies #735

[“I generally conceived myself to be two people.” – James Hogg]      I am two people. Not ‘I’ and a stranger, however; I suppose that would have been tolerable. I could live with two different selves in my body. Perhaps they could keep each other from loneliness, engage in lively discussions, disagreements, polite tugging and shoving.      Or a younger ‘I’; I could comfortably co-inhabit with him, I suppose. It would be interesting, my giving him unwanted, even fatherly advice, he … [Read more...]

Five Briefs / Memorable Fancies #728

My : has toppled over and become a ..   My doctor says I have a colon problem. # Polling extracts opinions from each of us, leaving no opinions left on that particular subject. This is repeated for one topic after another. Finally, authorities are satisfied, and govern as they please. [– after Jean Baudrillard] # That’s not his real name. Yet. # My shadow is becoming darker, showing itself even on the dimmest of rainy days. Then today it began to move when I did not, as if … [Read more...]

“Not so fast!” / Memorable Fancies #721

     He meets her in a bar, buys her a drink or vice versa. She says, who are you really? He shows her his Facebook page on his smartphone. “That’s me,” he says. “Is it OK if I post something to your own page?” “Not so fast,” she says, “we've barely met. Let’s take this one step at a time.” <END> THE SATURDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, in Facebook, or on other social websites. IN SEARCH OF A PUBLISHER: “The Land of Woven … [Read more...]

“The Magic Mirror” / Memorable Fancies #715

   There’s a new kind of mirror on the market, a magic mirror: it shows you as you are. There is some nervous joking, unease if you walk into friends’ homes and wonder if you will encounter one of these mirrors. Try to avoid using their guest bathroom. Just in case. <END> THE SATURDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, in Facebook, or on other social websites. IN SEARCH OF A PUBLISHER: “The Land of Woven Labyrinths” – the third … [Read more...]

“Five Briefs” / Memorable Fancies #714

Mirrors suddenly stop reversing your image left-right when you look at them. Unfortunately, now they show you upside down. # Members of this church are called “Propensitants,” for their propensity to… # A confused man is trying to memorize his name, starting over, starting over, starting over, seeing if colored blocks would help. A ... R ... H … was he a ‘Harold’? Maybe not. Maybe he was a Harold then but not anymore? No, I guess not, he mutters. # When she looked more closely, … [Read more...]

“Sun” / Memorable Fancies #707

[“Who could have known / that wasn’t the usual sun.” – Louise Glück]       We shouldn’t look straight at the sun; all the kids were taught that, even though they all did it anyway just because it was forbidden, seeing the yellow disk and after a few minutes a black disk in the yellow disk, swirling and pulsing.      Now the sun is different; we can’t see it. <END> THE SATURDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, in Facebook, or on … [Read more...]