The Great “IF” / Memorable Fancies #1435

[“Why am I not frightened? Why am I thinking about you?” – Lucy Corin] I should be fearful, thinking about what you – not quite did, but almost – or said you might – and started to do... but then I was saved by the IF you uttered, the great IF that gave me lease, so that IF I ever did the IF-thing, then what you would do to me would be my doing: my decision, my power; not yours. It is some consolation.  It helps me sleep, sometimes. <END> See the author’s work at … [Read more...]

“Ceremony of the Stew-Pot” / A Memorable Fancy #362

[“The pottery of the Mohicas is their language.” – Eliot Weinberger]      This ancient Mohicanian custom commences with the man’s buying a stew-pot and giving it to the woman, saying “You will marry me and gather food for me and sew my garments and cook my meals and raise my babies.” In tribal tradition, the woman can then accept the pot, meaning “yes.” Or she can sell it back to the man, freeing him to look for a different slave. <END> Subscriptions to A Memorable Fancy are now … [Read more...]