“The Copied Text” / Memorable Fancies #1222

[“Only the copied text commands the soul.” - Walter Benjamin] I keyed a David Foster Wallace story into my PC. Typing it gave me a feel (literally - in the fingers) for what he was doing, how well he did it. If you force yourself to write the words a writer wrote, in the same order, you experience the story now as the writer did then. When your fingers stumble, it's a sign he's doing something you haven't yet learned to do – structure, wording, tense, dialog or – … [Read more...]

“Shoot the Clocks!” / Memorable Fancies #1045

[“In the July Revolution, simultaneously but independently, shots were fired at the timepieces on the towers of Paris.” – Walter Benjamin]      When we destroy the clocks, we stop the passage of time. Like Faust, we want this moment to stay, now that our revolution is achieved. Quick now, shoot! before our fervor congeals into institutions, contentions, endless debates. <END> THE PITCH If you liked this post, please FOLLOW or tell your friends and share a comment here or on … [Read more...]

Five Briefs / Memorable Fancies #752

[“...liberates things from the bondage of utility.” – Walter Benjamin] The blender retires from its career of making frozen margaritas. Idly, it wonders whatever happened to the salt shaker. # Without clocks there is no smallest unit of time; everything is continuous. Now that we have clocks, time is. chopped. up. and consumed like a bad cut of meat, one grim bite at a time. # [“...‘thinking of him’ is as it were nailing him with my thought. – Wittgenstein] Yes, I have him now. … [Read more...]