“Everybody Can” / Memorable Fancies #1619

Perhaps there really are people who can see themselves in mirrors; I know I can’t, no matter how I try, no matter how many times I’ve looked at that big mirror in the bathroom and smiled, or frowned, or waved my arms frantically – there’s still nothing but the wall behind me. We’re taught about mirrors from a very early age – see, Junior? That’s your face! And I look and I look and there’s nothing. I’m not there. So I ask Dad if he can see himself in the mirror and he looks away and … [Read more...]

“Those Bloody Vampires” / Memorable Fancies #1586

Vampires, who can’t see themselves in mirrors, have a problem – the nicks in their faces they make while they’re trying to shave. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

Personals Ad – I / Memorable Fancies #1501

Major Eye Contact With Young Woman Drinking Bloody Marys with friends at the Cheers ‘n’ Booze Thursday ’bout eleven. I took a snap with my smartphone – remember that? But we never spoke. Urgent reason why I want to meet you now even more: that photo – just your Bloody Mary, floating-like there above the bar. So now I know that you don’t show up in pix. Neither do I! I was afraid for a long time that I didn’t exist. But that wasn’t it. I consulted a shrink, asked him if my inferiority complex … [Read more...]

“Tommy’s Problem with Shadows” / Memorable Fancies #725

[“And where are you going / That you take no shadow? – W.S. Merwin]      Tommy’s problem was that he cast no shadow. His classmates in grade school took turns following him and laughing and calling him names, chanting “Vampire! Vampire!” until the Human Sensitivity Office got involved and forced the children to apologize, which of course made them even more hostile to Tommy, made his life even more miserable.      Specialists were called. Sadly, they told Tommy’s mom and dad that his rare … [Read more...]