“Tyrant Love” / Memorable Fancies #1433

[“Tyrants ... are gathered together with sex workers, seemingly part of an increasing crowd of loveless figures.” – Judith Butler] I love the people I force to obey me. Don’t I? And the whores in my dungeon – when they call me “your lordship” and plead for their lives, they – they say they love me, too. There is a ceremony in the temple, once each year, where I am symbolically killed and rise again as their loving savior. A form of this drama is acted out in the dungeons too, but without love, … [Read more...]

“Laughter” / Memorable Fancies #775

[“...a convulsive laughter without joy, full of dread.” – Hugues Le Roux]     The Leader is about to tell a joke. We know from his slight smile, from the way he holds his lips and cocks his eyebrows, that he is about to tell a joke. That joke. He has only one. Since we all laugh heartily every time he tells it, it’s the only joke he needs.        Sometimes I think he knows what he’s doing to us, how he toys with us, how the joke’s on us. But we are still alive, still laughing, roaring with … [Read more...]