” ‘Comes the revolution…’ ” / Memorable Fancies #1822

[(In a dictatorship) “it is customary to ask the victim if he agrees with his fate, and it is also customary for the victim to say yes.” -- Slavoj Žižek If even one victim dared refuse, dared say “no,” the entire system might collapse. We wait patiently for this to happen, for the corrupt and tyrannous realm to come to ruin; but by the time the victim appears on the platform, moving his head up and down rhythmically, repeatedly, we know that this one, just like all the others, has been … [Read more...]

“The Judgment of Stone” / Memorable Fancies #1532

Our stones are ready in our fists, waiting for someone who deserves stoning. Not those the judge sends down to us; no, those we send along home with kicks and harsh words. No, this time we’re waiting for the judge.       <END> Click 'Random Post' above - see something new. … [Read more...]

“Convenience” / Memorable Fancies #602

     Ernest killed a convenience-store clerk in a holdup. He was afraid that he would be arrested, but to his surprise the dead man’s ex-wife was charged with the murder. Even more to his surprise, Ernest received a jury summons and was placed on the jury trying the ex-wife for the murder Ernest committed. Now, Ernest had a clear conflict of interest here, which he should have revealed to the judge. But he did not do so, and he also survived the voir dire because neither counsel thought to ask … [Read more...]

“A Court Reporter Solves the Case” / A Memorable Fancy #029

     A court reporter, recording testimony in a murder case, suddenly understands who the real murderer was. Neither the prosecution nor the defense had figured it out.  … [Read more...]