“Thirst” / Memorable Fancies #1722

[“I drank you and still felt a thirst” – Apollinaire] I thought it was thirst for more of you, that I could never have enough, that I would hunt and gain you or be tortured by unquenchable thirst. And I did all that – pursue and gain you, I mean. But the thirst – remained. … [Read more...]

“The Well at Aïn Salah” / A Memorable Fancy #083

“Not much water and dirty at that; may be enough for camels,” the traveler said. But he’d passed there the year before, and we were another two getting up the caravan, trudging sand under a bulbous fervent sun, finding our way by dry river scars. Some where may be water. Water! Let there be water, as large as the swollen sea. [Aïn Salah, “Salah’s spring” in the Sahara Desert of southern Algeria, may be the world’s most isolated, desolate place. It is frequently reported as the day's … [Read more...]