“The Gods Left Us” / Memorable Fancies #1575

[“...the no-longer of the gods who fled and the not-yet of what is to come.” – Heidegger] Our priests tell us that our old gods left us because we were sinners and didn’t deserve their blessings. But perhaps there was another reason. Perhaps they fled in fear of ... us. … [Read more...]

” Supplication” / A Memorable Fancy #126

The god has begun ignoring us, perhaps because he is going deaf. He used to have better hearing, enough to catch the gist of what we were praying for, anyway. But then he began making small errors. We pardoned these mistakes because he was, after all, handicapped – and perhaps because we ourselves, when we prayed, may not have spoken in a loud, clear, and distinct voice. Some said we didn’t know what we wanted, or were unhappy when we got it, and the god wasn’t deaf at all. It is we, they … [Read more...]