“The Wilding” / Memorable Fancies #1367

They were yelling, hooting, tumbling out of their truck in front of me as I slipped into the dark woods, went deeper pushing through branches, stumbling on roots. Through the trees I heard them calling to each other behind my back, “there!” “no, he’s over here!” Why me? Because I was on a lonely road at night and they were eager to attack – anyone? Their truck was still on the road, headlights on but aimed the wrong way to find me; but sooner or later they might, just by random chance. And … [Read more...]

“Generations” / Memorable Fancies #518

     In the future: It is routine and expected for everyone to die sometime between ages 17 and 23. The few that die earlier or later are cause for comment, perhaps a brief newspaper item. The bodies of the deceased become inhabited by newly created people, who are ashamed of the thoughtless and irresponsible behavior of their bodies’ former tenants, try to forget them, pretend that they were different people. <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a … [Read more...]