“The No-Waiting Room” / Memorable Fancies #1706

There is a room where no one waits. Arrivals are cleverly queued so that the dissectionist enters from his cold tables just as you pass through the no-waiting-room door. He is ready for you. This  time, there’s no need to sit down, search for that magazine with a torn cover, grimace at others waiting in the room or ignore them,... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Whatever Happens” / Memorable Fancies #1678

As your surgery has now taken quite a bit of time – much longer than planned – we just wanted to give you fair warning about that phantasy we’ve been playing in your mind to distract you from what we’re doing to your body. The problem is the story line – we’re nearing its end. In just a few minutes you’ll be conscious of where you really are – in an operating room, cold air, bright lights, parts of your belly dislodged, edges of your skin spread apart and clamped down. That “Earth” … [Read more...]

“Your Operation” / Memorable Fancies #1650

At first they smile, tell you it will be painless. Then they show you the instruments and say no, they will not hurt you. Then later they show you what they took out of you, and ask, is this what hurt? And you say no, what’s left is what hurts, now. And they say, that cannot be, because there is nothing left of you. Then what am I remembering? you ask. You have someone else’s memory now, they say – someone who survived the operation. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Pre-Op Consultation” / A Memorable Fancy #384

     “What angle would you like your hand to be?” the surgeon asked. “I could make it look so good no one will ever guess you’re crippled until you reach for something, or I could make it strange enough to get you sidelong looks and condescension; you decide.      “Your hand won’t be able to do a few things now,” he said, “all the simple things you want to do and won’t know you can’t do until you try, hand wagging futilely in air.”      He roared and slapped his leg and winked at me and … [Read more...]