“They Told Me” / A Memorable Fancy #383

[“Might I not believe that once, without knowing it, I was taken far away from the earth – that other people even know this?” – Wittgenstein]      They told me I went to another planet and came back. They insisted on interviewing me even though I didn’t have anything to say, because an accident on re-entry had wiped out my memories – they told me. I don’t remember being on another planet. At first I thought they were pulling my leg, or playing some practical joke while watching me with a … [Read more...]

“Space 2030” / A Memorable Fancy #103

“Morgan stared wistfully across the Golden Gate Bridge. There would never be a Starfleet Academy there, on the bare brown hills of Marin, nor anywhere else. No manned spaceflight again, ever. Ten billion people were competing for the last of the planet’s shrinking resources, demanding, fighting. Nothing was left over for grand adventures. And then there was all that space junk in orbit: the last outbound ship had collided with a piece. Not more than two inches across, NBCBS eNews said, but … [Read more...]