“Soul-Photos” / Memorable Fancies #1462

[“...the chance to buy a picture of your own soul.” – Stephen Burn (re public confusion about X-ray machines in the 1890s)] “Photos of your soul, sign up now! It’s right there – just behind the pineal gland. See? My X-ray camera needs only a few seconds to capture it on film, for your loved ones to remember you by, y’know? Now and after you’re gone, too. “And my price is a bargain for a photo of your own soul, to show your family your quiet virtues, your habits of love in spite of all that … [Read more...]

“Leftovers” / Memorable Fancies #1223

[“The soul is what’s wanted, the body they’re allowed to keep.” – Nietzsche]        Perhaps our souls were taken from us at birth, the hungry god wandering from place to place ravenously seeking newborns. Not having known our own souls, we’ve never missed them. And yet, we’ve always had the feeling that something about us is incomplete, not quite right.... <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: At All Adventure, a Maltheist gospel. … [Read more...]