“The Shoe-seum” / Memorable Fancies #832

Helen’s hobby is collecting footwear of famous killers. She displays them in her home, with labels like “Al Capone’s Last Shoes,” or “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bathroom Slippers.” She buys or begs these from the killers’ relatives, or cuddles up to cops who take shoes from evidence lockers for her, once the courts have no more use for them. As she admits, it’s a real challenge to come by these items, and then verify that they were actually worn by the malefactors. DNA sequencing, when she can … [Read more...]

“Wittgenstein Counts His Toes” / A Memorable Fancy #392

[“What reason have I, now, when I cannot see my toes, to assume that I have five toes on each foot?” – Wittgenstein]      One morning while putting on my shoes I happened to look at my feet, and noticed that I had only four toes on each foot. When did that happen? It could have been days ago, and I just now noticed. Whatever happened, why hadn’t it hurt?      I remark on my lack to others. They look at me strangely. One says, “Were you born with an extra toe? Those can be removed … [Read more...]