“Flesh and Freedom” / Memorable Fancies #1667

[“Having to be a paradoxical unity of corporeality and freedom is ... doomed to fail.” – Judith Butler] How can we be free if we’re flesh? Especially those of us who’ve denied how much we are flesh, who tell our lovers that our flesh is not “the real us,” that we are so much more than flesh even as we enjoy ours and theirs, that we have a special ... ah ... something ... ah ... somewhere ... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Laundromat Affair” / Memorable Fancies #1640

[“...laundromat affair” – the journals of Sylvia Plath] Our various clothes wound around each other in the hot swirling wetness. I opened the lid suddenly. The clothes lay still, ashamed to be caught, dressed, in their vulgar acts. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

The Excitement of the Crucial Comma

[The following, about Britney Spears, appeared in Stumble Upon:] "Justin Timberlake rudely revealed they had slept together in a 2002 interview with Barbara Walters." Questions: 1: Was Barbara included in the action? 2: Or were they really sleeping, because Barbara's show was so boring?" [Book ad: The year’s hottest new TV series is a reenactment of a famous murder trial ... but was there more involved than murder? A plot to take over the U.S. government? Read Try Try Again.] … [Read more...]

“Bill’s Shadow” / Memorable Fancies #1559

[“Are our shadows the same sex that we are?” – C.G. Jung] Bill seemed upset about something. He confided to me that he was concerned about his shadow. It was changing. It seemed almost to be female now, a little more each day. Already it was telling Bill to dress better, get a raise, pay more attention to his faithful and long-suffering shadow, less attention to the shadow of that bitch next door. [Book ad: The year’s hottest new TV series is a reenactment of a famous murder trial ... but … [Read more...]

“The Revival” / Memorable Fancies #1524

We’ve revived the sacred old tradition, known to the Greeks, the Romans, and many other ancient peoples, of temple prostitutes. You can hear the parishioners at worship now, yelling “O GOD O GOD O GOD.” <END> Click on "Random Post" above - see something new. … [Read more...]

“Act of Love” / Memorable Fancies #1521

[“...the strategic enumeration of the passions and the meetings.” – Alain Badiou, Rhapsody for the Theatre] I’ve numbered all the times when we’ve been passionate together, or when I’ve been, anyway, and you were at least complaisant. Sometimes, I thought you were just acting; always, I was. … [Read more...]

“Wiggle Room” / Memorable Fancies #1381

Several years ago, a local (D.C.) TV reporter interviewed a woman on welfare. The following exchange was included in the broadcast (too good to cut!): Reporter: “Are you sexually active?” Woman: “My boyfriend says I don’t move around enough.” <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: For Anacreon, 30 poems of love and life from the ancient Greek poet (originally published as a chapbook by Silkworms Ink). … [Read more...]