“Tourists in Hell” / Memorable Fancies #1216

[“In Hades, the shades of the dead repeat the same gesture ad infinitum.” – Sergio Agamben]      What this gesture means had been a mystery to tourists and casual visitors such as myself. Some of us thought it meant “repent before it’s too late!” or “we’ve abandoned all hope, y'know,” or just “tourists raus!”      But then we found ourselves repeating that same gesture, again and again – and unable to leave the place of our own Hell.      Now we know what the gesture … [Read more...]

“That’s Me” / Memorable Fancies #1163

[“...the fierce and shocking realization that the [mirror] image is and is not ours.” – Sergio Agamben]      We’ve been told, from an early age, that the face in the mirror is our own. “Look!” the mother says, “It’s you!” And you look and think no no that cannot be, not that thing. And later, the mother says, “Look at what a grown-up boy you are!” And you look and think no no that is some stranger who’s taken my place. And years later, when there is no mother anymore, the wife says, “Can’t … [Read more...]

“Watching” / Memorable Fancies #1157

[“Viewers of the first daguerreotypes had to turn away – they felt they were being watched by the people portrayed.” – Sergio Agamben]      Now we know better; but – see that little glowing light on your TV? Yes, that one. Smile. Wave “Hi.” <END> Buy it on Amazon: The Trees of Malice, 16 stories of horror and the weird too creepy to share. … [Read more...]