How to Punctuate Dialog in Fiction

How to Punctuate Dialog in Fiction by Terence Kuch You may also be interested in my recent post Point of View: Elements and Choices, a presentation in PowerPoint with detailed commentary in Word. The easiest way to find this is to Google "Point of View" "Elements and Choices" [do not include the colon] - the post should appear as the #1 hit. Or see, my writer's profile, or go to ===============================  [“…punctuation … [Read more...]

The Semicolon Is Your Friend!

Consider this example: “Max follows, his hands bunch into fists.” This needs to be fixed. Why and how? The traditional rule is that two independent clauses cannot be linked by a comma. This rule makes sense, because each of these three possible fixes sounds more natural and makes better sense than the example: Fix number 1: “Max follows, his hands bunching into fists.” Fix number 2: “Max follows. His hands bunch into fists.” Fix number 3: “Max follows; his hands bunch into fists.” Fix 1 … [Read more...]