“The Battle for Aïn Salah” / A Memorable Fancy #085

Perhaps it was the climate: no water to still or lake, sand not good for glass. Once we found out how to fight them, we had the place in days. Mirrors, you know. Look! They couldn’t help looking. Face! No, over here! Face! Face! … [Read more...]

“The Well at Aïn Salah” / A Memorable Fancy #083

“Not much water and dirty at that; may be enough for camels,” the traveler said. But he’d passed there the year before, and we were another two getting up the caravan, trudging sand under a bulbous fervent sun, finding our way by dry river scars. Some where may be water. Water! Let there be water, as large as the swollen sea. [Aïn Salah, “Salah’s spring” in the Sahara Desert of southern Algeria, may be the world’s most isolated, desolate place. It is frequently reported as the day's … [Read more...]