“The Ruins” / A Memorable Fancy #345

     We dug in the ruins of that place, level by level, civilization by civilization, always deeper into the past. We found each culture’s walls and hovels, weapons, wagon ruts gouged into the stone streets. And below that, another of the same, and the same after that. We have not yet found the bottom level, a place overlying undisturbed earth. Even if we were to find that first civilization someday, we would never know it was the first until we had ripped it out of the ground, out of its sleep … [Read more...]

“All the Beautiful Boulevards” / A Memorable Fancy #021

We built the ruin, the pre-destroyed city, all the beautiful boulevards. We arranged the corpses neatly, none asprawl or askelter, none with ragged stumps or eyes shot out. It was done with care, very carefully. No one can break our hearts again. <END> NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE or in paperback: Read Terence Kuch’s new novel about selling and buying memories, See/Saw. See his author page on Amazon. Review copies are available; inquire at terencekuch //at// … [Read more...]