“Planning the Nightmare” / Memorable Fancies #1362

[“...planning the nightmare...” – Roberto Bolaño] Jeanne planned her nightmares, thought through each coming night’s vision in detail, enough to occupy all her sleep-time, enough to fill the budget of fear so that worse, unplanned, things could not happen to her in her mind’s darkness. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Try Try Again – A novel of deadly U.S. political intrigue from Ashton Publishing Group (Australia). … [Read more...]

“Whose Face? ” / Memorable Fancies #1199

[“...my own face / entering and leaving the mirror.” – Roberto Bolaño]      Yesterday I saw my mother’s face in the mirror. “Surprise,” she said, standing behind me, “bet you didn’t know I was here.”      “No,” I said, “I didn’t know you were standing behind me until I saw your face in the mirror – and didn’t see my own.” <END> The photographer is showing photos of people he took in an African village. They believe, he smirks, that taking pictures of people is evil, and the … [Read more...]

“The Detective” / Memorable Fancies #1030

[“...the inevitable presence of detectives” – Roberto Bolaño]      Perhaps this one, a man slouching carefully against a wall; maybe he’s another detective. He looks suspiciously at passers-by, draws his overcoat closer about him, pulls his hat brim down, adjusts his dark glasses. Just the way a detective might look and act – or a suspect might look and act. Which is he? Which am I? <END> THE PITCH If you liked this post, please FOLLOW or tell your friends and share a comment … [Read more...]

“At Midnight” / Memorable Fancies #768

[“...and the radio / at midnight / saying only that something’s gone wrong...” – Roberto Bolaño]        Something happened, said the radio excitedly. Stay in your homes. Close the blinds. Cover your heads with pillows. Shiver uncontrollably. If there’s a knock at the door do not answer it. If there’s a voice from outside, a very young voice pitifully calling “Come outside, Mommy Mommy, help me!” for God’s sake do not go outside! Play dead. While you’re still just … [Read more...]