“Crime and Punishment” / Memorable Fancies #825

         Politely, now, we allow those guilty of crimes to pay us money, or sit in a prison cell, or be exposed to public humiliation, as symbols of the sudden justice we would like to wreak upon them but now, by law, cannot.         But we remember: it was blood, back in the old days. Blood. Nothing else could atone for crimes, for ripping the fabric of society. And perhaps that’s still true even now, when we feel that money or imprisonment or shame doesn’t quite meet our frantic passions, … [Read more...]

“In Another Country” / Memorable Fancies #057

As I do not know the language of this country, there is a problem. Others gather, seem to sympathize, but I can’t make them understand me. A stranger approaches. He looks like me. At first I take him for a fence or a pimp, but he offers me neither gizmo nor girl. He takes me to a bar. By motions my new friend asks what I would like. I shrug. He orders. I say “same for me.” No one understands this. Nonetheless, drinks of a dark, smoky color are served. The glass is warm and not too clean. … [Read more...]