“The Remitter – II” / Memorable Fancies #124

       The door-alert chimed as a man, middle-aged, middle-height, and middle-weight, walked into the waiting room, looked around. An indifferently motivated assistant directed him to a seat among ill-assorted chairs whose plastic cushions showed the occasional stab wound. Rolf buzzed for the next client, and the assistant showed the man into his office.     “My name is ...,” began the man.     “No need, sir,” said Rolf. “Confidentiality is very important to us. I’d rather not know your name.” … [Read more...]

“The Remitter – I” / A Memorable Fancy #110

Rolf set himself up as an expert in deleting memories from people who longed to forget. “Sin Remitter” was his adopted title. All the terrible things you did, and your memories of them, and your memories of remembering them, and – you get the idea – all gone. Customers thronged to him. A few left without any memories of anything, their sins having been so pervasive. They wandered the city parks, wondering what terrible things they had done. A few sought forgiveness, but had nothing to confess … [Read more...]