“Pulling Our Strings” / Memorable Fancies #1566

[“We represent on earth as we are in heaven” – W.S. Merwin] We are the self-marionettes, the self-puppets. No one else can pull our strings – we do this just as dreadfully, ourselves, as the heavenly puppet-master would. I dance to my own discordant strings. … [Read more...]

“The New Bishop” / Memorable Fancies #1548

[“Sinesius of Cyrene in the fourth century asked to be made a bishop even though he was not a Christian.” – Michel Foucault] You see, I would not be party to those theological disputes so constantly with you; nor would I dictate the color of the robes for each season, also a point of severe contention here: let the officiants and acolytes dress as they please. And as to the proper Gospel and Epistle translations to read, I would not join in the disputes that so rive your church. Yes, it … [Read more...]

“The Prophet’s Message” / Memorable Fancies #107

The old prophet’s followers have begun to ignore him, although they wheel him out for public display on ceremonial occasions. He listens to their orations. His teachings, those long-ago words, have become commonplaces of folk wisdom, but simplified, distorted. Followers have added to what he said, deleted, changed. When he tries to correct them, he is hushed. “Perhaps they are right,” he says. “After all, what do I know?” … [Read more...]

A Dystheist Creed

"I'd rather be nothing." - Alien 3 A dystheist * belief: There is a God; atheists vainly wish there were not. God is a farmer, and the crop he's raising is souls - human souls being the tastiest, if a bit tart. More souls, more "soul-food" for Him. He sees homosexuality as a threat to the bountifulness of His harvest. But He’s not a conservationist - it's grow as much food as possible, strip the soul/soil, and move on. * aka “maltheist”; not the same as “misotheist.” … [Read more...]

“The Universe Show” / Memorable Fancies #1008

       This is the Universe Show – how many seasons will we last? How are the ratings trending? What’s the buzz? Will we be renewed? Will the climax be different this season? (You know how the Producer loves to tinker with the plot!) <END> THE PITCH If you liked this post, please FOLLOW or tell your friends and share a comment here or on other social websites. For an author profile, list of publications, other information, and a contact form, see www.terencekuch.net. To … [Read more...]

“The New Gods” / Memorable Fancies #538

     A new god is put forward by some extremist group or other every few weeks. Temples are built, idols are erected, people come to pray. What happens then depends on the whim of the god, the nature its worshipers have chosen for it. Some of the new gods are starkly existent, images paraded around on holy days, wet with libations. Others are mental only; conceptual.      But they all exist, pummeled into being by those who love and worship them; by those who await their orders.<END>     … [Read more...]

“Theology Lesson” / A Memorable Fancy #146

Once upon a time there were long and passionate arguments over whether the stones the holy men had set up were images of the gods, or were gods themselves. Two groups gradually formed, the Image-ists and the Themselv-ists. Image-ists were implacably opposed to Themselv-ists, and vice versa. Contests were held in which priests of both sides prayed to the stones and waited to see if the stones would favor their group or the despised others. The stones, however, perhaps wisely, revealed no … [Read more...]