“Pre-gretting” / Memorable Fancies #1464

I regret what I’m about to do. Yes, I told her that. Then why, she asked, will you do it, if you know you’ll regret it later, or if you're regretting it even now? To contemplate the nobility of my regretting, I said, which elevates my soul over mere fact, while I do what I want.     <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Four Christian Plays, available for church or other non-profit production without fee. … [Read more...]

“Thoughters” / Memorable Fancies #1426

We discovered the secondthoughters, those tiny beings infesting our minds; we found them hiding in our greymatter creases, giving us second thoughts about everything we do, whispering and criticizing and shaming us. So we excised them, scalpel’d our minds clean of these beings who never gave us any peace. Then we had pure sensation, act without regret. No more guilt, not any more. How could that have gone so wrong? <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: For Anacreon, 30 poems … [Read more...]

“Regret” / Memorable Fancies #1410

I regret what I did but I haven’t changed my ways, regret being easier done and longer lasting. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Everything Wants to Happen, the first thousand Memorable Fancies from this blog, revised and updated.   … [Read more...]

“Pieces of Life” / Memorable Fancies #554

     I put the pieces of my life together in a different way. I learned to do this after many years of meditation, and many failures. Now there was only one piece left, that critical piece that had brought me so much grief. Where did it fit? Then it occurred to me that this – event – might never have happened at all. Why hadn’t I thought of that solution before? Now the rest of my life-pieces fit just fine! <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a … [Read more...]

“The End of Tomorrow” / A Memorable Fancy #096

Today is Memories Day. It comes once a year and we know, from bitter memory, how this day will go. Marie comes down to breakfast, a face of despair. She sits wordless, doesn’t eat her eggs. Our children, Anne and Helene, stumble in from their bedrooms, swathed in tears. I try to comfort them. Since they are four and six years old (Anne the older), they will forget by the end of tomorrow. But Marie and I will not forget who we are. Since I’m the daddy I must be strong, not feel what the … [Read more...]