“Basketball at Quantum State U.” / Memorable Fancies #1757

Particles playing basketball: a frustrating game because each shot both goes in the basket and doesn’t. And both the going-in and the not-going-in occur both before and after the shot is taken. Whether or not the shot is taken. And the particles themselves aren’t quite sure who they are: collapsed waves, perhaps, or maybe just coordinates in a vacuous spacetime that might, or might not, exist. Whatever “exist” could mean. [musing after reading Peter Lewis’ excellent book Quantum … [Read more...]

“The Xerox Universe” / A Memorable Fancy #152

While there are very many universes, as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics teaches, they are all exactly alike, identical to the one we are in right now. Too bad. We thought there might be other places, different ones. We thought that we ourselves, in those other worlds, might be other than who we are here. We thought we might have a chance to finally get it right somewhere, in some other place.   … [Read more...]