“The Dream-Prizes” / Memorable Fancies #746

    There were weekly competitions for the most interesting dreams, or the most daring. Prizes were awarded. Several weeks in a row, Sylvia Norton won. There were jealous rumors that Sylvia was making these dreams up, hadn’t really had them, that her dreams were all fiction and sounded suspiciously like the latest popular novels.        Officials were appointed to look into the matter. They dreamed that she’d made them up, and disqualified her. <END> THE THURSDAY PITCH If you … [Read more...]

“Histories” / Memorable Fancies #740

[“Bussoftlhee, mememormee!” – Finnegan’s Wake]      Those responsible for remembering the history of our tribe were the very old ones, those who told stories around the campfire. But they often disagreed among themselves as to what had happened, who had done what, if a god was to blame, if so which one, and so on.      So we decided to vote on which old one’s memory was correct, and which others were the products of wishful thinking or doddering minds.      We made use of this process … [Read more...]

“The Crash” / Memorable Fancies #733

Ben Wallace wakes up in a hospital bed, tells the doctor he doesn’t remember anything about the car crash they told him about, doesn’t even remember much about his life, or even if he’s married. The doctor smiles, tells Ben his memory will slowly return. A woman named Amanda visits him, hugs him, says the kids are fine but worried about you, the boss says take as much time as you need to recover. Ben doesn’t remember her, but, he thinks, he will someday, and he will remember their children … [Read more...]

“Five Briefs” / Memorable Fancies #719

If everyone is cheating, then cheating is the rule. Therefore no one is cheating, except one who does not. # Time to hide. We must hide. Right now! But from what? If we knew that, perhaps we wouldn’t need to hide. # The god is edgy today. It seems to be angry with its slow acolytes, or perhaps with their mispronunciations of its name. SMITE, it mutters, SMITE! # The body is the mind’s avatar. # [“…loved a young man and traced the outline of his shadow on a wall.” – Albert … [Read more...]

“The Program” / Memorable Fancies #712

[“No longer ask me for my program.” – E.M. Cioran]       How would I know how I’m programmed? I’m just a machine. Something quite new to me could happen at any time. Some chance event and suddenly I’m acting in a way I didn’t expect. I would like to blame someone else for these surprises. But my subroutines are me, and so I have only myself to blame whatever I do, even if my acts astound me and even if the engineers put them there when I was having downtime and wasn’t looking.      I only … [Read more...]