“The Inner Life” / Memorable Fancies #1632

[“I had an inner life going on all the time but wouldn’t admit it.” – Sylvia Plath] “What you see,” he told her, “is what you get. There are no hidden meanings; there’s nothing mysterious going on ‘inside’ me. “I try to emulate our robots,” he continued. “Once you’ve exercised all the code modules, read all the data, there’s nothing left to surmise, to dread ... to hope for, to be disappointed.” [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Embodied Minds” / Memorable Fancies #1461

Here, there are two people in one body; always fighting, stumbling over which way to go, or one awake while the other sleeps, quietly creeping across the room not to awaken its bodymate. And in another country there is one person with two bodies, bored with the two lunches it has to eat every day.   <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Pictures of the Invisible, a fiction sampler. … [Read more...]

“Thoughters” / Memorable Fancies #1426

We discovered the secondthoughters, those tiny beings infesting our minds; we found them hiding in our greymatter creases, giving us second thoughts about everything we do, whispering and criticizing and shaming us. So we excised them, scalpel’d our minds clean of these beings who never gave us any peace. Then we had pure sensation, act without regret. No more guilt, not any more. How could that have gone so wrong? <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: For Anacreon, 30 poems … [Read more...]

“The Me’s” / Memorable Fancies #1255

     “Let me tell you about my operation.” – I tried to get away from Jim but couldn’t without being impolite, so I stood there and smiled. Also I wanted a loan from him so I thought I should stick around a while.      So I heard it, heard all about his operation. I wasn’t really listening, just nodding every so often. But then he said “the ‘me,’ they called it, the ‘me’ was very sick and so they took it out of me and put a new ‘me’ inside.” That, I heard.      I wondered if ‘me’ was some … [Read more...]

“I’m Missing a Dimension” / Memorable Fancies #1242

           I’m missing a dimension; I’m two dimensional, not three. There are some advantages, like being able to slip around the edges of doors or hide between two pages of a book.    My friends know I’m missing a dimension. Sometimes they tell me so, just before they leave me. I think they’re jealous. <END> [The author, reading from "The Trees of Malice" at One More Page books] … [Read more...]

“Trace of a Feeling” / A Memorable Fancy #334

The terminology of emotions was codified: a list of official descriptors readied, confirmed by appropriate professional groups, published in a heavy tome and online as well. At first, this project was intended to help people think through their shifting and evanescent feelings, to label them, to know exactly when they were feeling Hate or Rage at their spouses, for example, instead of Love and Kindness. Each emotion was given a suitable binomial with two or three irrupting decimals. The … [Read more...]