“That Final Secret” / Memorable Fancies #1675

I’ve got to tell you the secret now – because they’re on to me, and the world must know! By tomorrow – maybe even today – they’ll have captured me and uploaded me to an undisclosed location in the Cloud, or just deleted me outright. Even by telling you this, I’ve put your existence in danger, but you must be told that the world we know - ended in 1961. Bay of Pigs leading to nuclear war with the Soviet Union? No – you probably don’t remember learning about that. But that’s when our world … [Read more...]

“Time Capsule” / Memorable Fancies #1644

[“How many time capsules have been lost forever. Lost to people’s memory.” – Daniel Tucker] The Springfield Senior High Class of 1976 Time Capsule, with all those lovely words and trinkets, a few treasured hopes and secrets that should remain secret, and – what I wrote then, what I confessed to –. If the capsule is dug up, what I bragged about would ruin my life now – my new life. Long ago, I didn’t think it would matter to me, dad a mill-worker and mom taking in washing and my burning … [Read more...]

“The Robot Announces for Office” / Memorable Fancies #1080

A robot announces for the Senate. There is a long debate about its eligibility. It is pointed out that, in the U.S. Constitution, only the President must have been “born.” Other offices have no such restriction. <<See "Random Post" above - for something new>> … [Read more...]

“Janie and the School Board” / Memorable Fancies #1367

Little Janie wants $5 to buy something she saw at the toy store. As she considers herself an artist of the deal, she asks Dad for $10, expecting to settle for the $5 she needs. Dad smiles at Janie. This is a teaching moment for basic economics, he thinks. “Have you,” he asks, “have you considered competing priorities? Done a cost-benefit analysis? Alternative resource scenarios?” Janie has no idea what Dad is talking about, but she nods eagerly and says, “Yes, Daddy, I’ve done all that and … [Read more...]

“Indecision” / Memorable Fancies #678

What should I do today as the leader of our people? It’s not always easy to tell, seeing five sides of every question as I do. One day, it’s peace; another day, war or wary alertness. Or a firm hand is needed one day, letting the people do as they please the next.       My ministers are of no help: whatever I say, they move their heads up and down, never a discouraging word. I had bobble-heads made of them, presented each to its minister. None of them understood what I was saying with these … [Read more...]

“The Contest” / Memorable Fancies #591

     An official challenge has been made. Bill Gartner, a little-known building contractor, is challenging our veteran Congressman Orton F. Williams.      Williams, Gartner says, is old and weak. His mind is failing. He is absent too often from the great debates on the floor of Congress. It’s time for someone younger, more vigorous, to represent us, he says.      As the challenged person, Congressman Williams is allowed his choice of weapons. He selects flame-throwers. Not heavy, do not … [Read more...]

“Five Briefs – VII” / A Memorable Fancy #391

[Neuroscientists find a way to record dreams as the dreamer experienced them.] In the debate, the candidate was challenged to release her dreams to the press. Blushing and stammering, she refused. Her polls immediately went up five points. # Commissioner Hills laughed, said “sure you can broadcast my dreams,” not remembering the one where … # “My opponent dreamed of robbing a bank; can you imagine? Surely you don’t want that man as our Mayor!” # What if your dream is … [Read more...]

“The Pollster – I” / A Memorable Fancy #164

The pollster hates his job, but it was all he could find, as he is skilled neither in making nor selling cute or popular or useless things. His job is to call people at random and ask “Do you favor Jones for the Senate, or Smith?” in as neutral a voice as possible, even though he hates Jones with a strong and violent passion and would really like to shout “Don’t you understand? Jones will destroy America!” But he does not shout that, because he knows that whatever he might say, whatever the … [Read more...]