“November 2 :: All Souls Day” / Memorable Fancies #1665

In our community, every year on All Souls Day we honor our oldest living resident. Flowers, bright cards, and breathing equipment are frequently given. There is a rule that no one can win this award more than once. This rule has certain consequences.... … [Read more...]

“Fogey-ology” / Memorable Fancies #1554

[“When I say that I am an old fogey, I am, of course, joking.” – Stevie Smith] “No,” she said, “I am a young fogey.” … [Read more...]

“Wisdom of the Aged” / Memorable Fancies #1342

Thanks to medical advances, people now live to ages undreamed of even a few years ago. Being aged is now seen as a sign of having lived a pure life, healthy in spirit and body, not given to drugs or crime. When a family member dies, the family keeps it secret, tells neighbors that grandpa can still lift weights, that he still makes a kind of sense when he speaks, at least if you know what to listen for. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Pictures of the Invisible, a … [Read more...]

“Arthur Nicholls Thinks” / Memorable Fancies #823

[“the growing terror of nothing to think about” – Eliot, Four Quartets]          The old man stares out the window. Soon now, he thinks, the woman will knock again perfunctorily at his door and walk in without pausing, say once again, in a faux-cheery voice, How are we doing today Mr. Nicholls and without waiting for an answer, will provide food and then extract, with equipment and practiced hands, the remains of the previous meal. <END> THE MONDAY PITCH If you liked this post, … [Read more...]

“Five Briefs – XXIV” / Memorable Fancies #586

Statues creep into the council chamber on their stone feet, speak in the language of long ago, that remote past when some were still worthy of statues ... # Clothing in general is called “costume” because it hides and obscures who we are. We put it on and it puts us on. # Reality becomes corrupted by our dreams, just as our dreams have always been infected by our waking lives. # Citizens of our kingdom are told to dream of world conquest hoping this will have some effect, or at … [Read more...]

“Bonds” / Memorable Fancies #433

     We had business to discuss, you and I, something about investment-grade bonds: their maturities, their interest and risk.      But all the time we talked I watched your eyes, your lips – their slow and measured movement when you speak. We’re showing our age, you and I, not surprising after all  these  years,  but age – age graces you.      It’s difficult for me to talk about investment-grade bonds right now, because your eyes are moving to your sweet supple speech as they have since … [Read more...]

“Grandpa Joe Tries to Remember” / A Memorable Fancy #194

Sometimes he remarks on the weather or how the Jets or the Nets are doing, depending on the season. Not good to get them mixed up, he thinks: cause for unspoken loud derision from old ones who are not yet so far gone. Must remember that the Jets are the football team, the Nets basketball. At least he can associate a Net with a “net.” A Jet, however, could be any sport, or none. Perhaps an aerobatics team. Or an aerobics team. Is there a difference? Better not mention aerobics or aerobatics, … [Read more...]