“Windy Poetry” / Memorable Fancies #1660

When we sailed to Ithaka we brought along a scroll of poems given us by the priests of Aeolus. These poems, we were assured, would bring us winds to speed our ship, and guide us through the clashing rocks as well. By experimenting, we have discovered which poems drive the ship most steadily, surely. Poems that mention Aeolus Himself seem to work best, especially those that praise Him to embarrassing excess. Poems composed by the Ship’s Official Poet, however, proved – not just unhelpful, … [Read more...]

“The Sirens” / Memorable Fancies #444

[“The Sirens have a weapon even more terrible than their song, namely, their silence.” – Kafka]      Odysseus ties himself to the mast, but as he glides by the Sirens in his ship he does not see their lips move, suddenly realizes that the story of their singing was a lie. The Sirens’ real weapon, those agonizing females, is not their voice but their silent eyes, their condemning, judging eyes now fixed on him, opening wider, and now their mouths, twisting in silent anger … [Read more...]