“The Plot” / Memorable Fancies #528

[“A murderer is not the best man to speak of crime.” – Albert Camus] The author of this murder mystery, the critic wrote, has provided a solution to the unsolved crime by implicating himself. But the novel wanders into irrelevance and the writing is full of cliches and unrealistic dialog. The guilt of having written this miserable book only adds to the author’s guilt of having killed someone for a plot. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Try Try Again – A novel of … [Read more...]

“Wonders” / and an invitation for beta readers of a new novel / #627

“…the rumor that there was another, an eighth wonder of the world…” – Kafka      There is an infinite number of wonders of the world. They are gathered, waiting for one of the famous seven to be destroyed so the next one in queue can take its place. This process takes a very long time. Right now, there is squabbling among the wonders over which will replace the fallen Colossus of Rhodes. <END> BETA READERS WANTED for my third novel, Try Try Again. Here’s the blurb: “The near … [Read more...]

“A Murder Wiki – II” / A Memorable Fancy #333

Two writers, A and B, meet on line. They agree to collaborate on a novel. A writes a rough draft. B modifies it. A adds more. B adds his own story elements. A character called “Stab” appears. A thinks B has written this character in. B thinks A has. Dutifully, A and B describe what Stab does, what he looks like, how he one by one does away with the other characters. Finally, A and B realize that neither had invented Stab. A and B wait for Stab to appear, to perform the actions he has written … [Read more...]