“The War from Poolside” / Memorable Fancies #1819

[“like a war viewed from poolside” – Michael Palmer] We sat by the pool, calmly watching the far-away war on a small TV propped up on a chair. Reporters were breathlessly brave but ducked when a shell hit near them, when the news image shook. And then we heard the sirens of dread, our own news. Our TV shook, fell off its chair hissing dead into the water And all the images drowned. >  [Click Random Post above – re-astonish yourself] … [Read more...]

“Clockers – I” / A Memorable Fancy #374

     Berkeley the Philosopher wrote that we perceive time as regular and uniform only because God experiences everything in the proper sequence, just the right before-and-after. Why did Berkeley need this idea? To guarantee the uniformity of our earthly clocks – God as master timekeeper, divine meta-clock.      But if that’s true, then God could speed or slow time, or switch before and after back and forth, and we could never notice that He had. In fact, God himself could never notice, … [Read more...]

“Five Briefs – IV” / A Memorable Fancy #373

And we did work harder, under threat that the motivational speaker would come back and we’d have to listen to his bullshit all over again. # The boggle-gun takes aim at my mind. # John collected paintings of nudes. His pleasure was to expose himself in front of them, look for their reactions, their frowns, their disgusted gasps. Not getting any reaction, he painted clothes on them. So there. # My co-workers are aliens. Not that kind, I mean Martians or something. I can tell: … [Read more...]

“Asylum – XII: Movie Time Again” / A Memorable Fancy #372

[Continuing the journal of Diane McMurphy, a patient in Bad Shepherd mental hospital, “The Asylum”]      Another dayroom movie here in the asylum because, aside from terrifying visits with our mind-probers, that’s about all there is to do. This one is …:      “Escape of the Maniacs – A group of obnoxious inmates of a lunatic asylum believe they are escaping from the institution and having various gruesome adventures, while in ‘reality’ only having a bad day in group. This documentary, … [Read more...]

“Land Without Shadows” / A Memorable Fancy / Dark and Unexpected Fiction #370

     The Borunna people refuse to acknowledge that they have shadows. They become angry when anthropologists mention their own shadows. There was a catastrophe a long time ago, they say, and their shadows fled to a faraway place.      Sometimes one of them admits, quietly, that he once looked back and saw his shadow. Other Borunnas regard such an admission as at least a breach of etiquette, perhaps a crime. The more educated Borunnas consider claiming to have a shadow a symptom of “mental … [Read more...]

“Three Memories of Love” / A Memorable Fancy / Dark and Unexpected Fiction #369

[“I have dreamed so much of you that you are losing your reality.” – Robert Desnos] 1.    I don’t remember falling in love with you. I don’t remember when it happened, or what I was thinking of just then, or what I said before or what you said after, or perhaps nothing at all was said; but somehow it – just was. 2. Every memory of you, every time I think of – us, removes that time from my mind; it’s excised scrape by scrape. I remember that I used to have memories of us. I remember that … [Read more...]

“Asylum – XI: A Tourist Guide to My Palace” / A Memorable Fancy #368

[Continuing the journal of Diane McMurphy, a patient in Bad Shepherd mental hospital, “The Asylum”]      Founded many years ago as “Shepherd Hospital for the Pitifully Deranged,” the name was changed in 2001 because it was no longer in accord with twenty-first century principles of ethical jargon. So now it’s “Shepherd Hospital Center for the Pitifully Deranged,” even though it doesn’t seem to be the center of anything in particular. Most of the townies, with understandable confusion, call … [Read more...]