“For Babylon” / Memorable Fancies #1357

“ ... Babylon of the golden sandals ... ” — Sibylline Oracles, Book 5 [The following is a free-verse adaptation of the Biblical Apocalypse of John (the book, also known as “Revelations,” that D.H. Lawrence called “A Hymn of Hate,”) Chapters 14-18] What I saw: Angel a-wíng in heaven, proud Gospel in its claws, crying       Fear God; for his judgment is surely come. And there followed a second angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city. And the smoke of her … [Read more...]

“Our Books” / A Memorable Fancy #202

“We Twelve were sitting together, recollecting what Jesus had said to each of us, secretly or openly, and organizing our recollections into books and epistles. I, for my part, was also writing my book, I must admit. “Suddenly the Lord appeared to us. He looked over the evidence of our busy activity: the scrolls, the scribes, the ink, the lists of agents and publishers, the cover designs, the marketing plans. The cock crowed a fourth time.”   … [Read more...]

“Another Book” / A Memorable Fancy #184

“Isn’t there another Book? I can’t seem to find it, now. The one Jesus wrote that answered all our questions, I mean. I’ve looked everywhere; thumbed through all the pages from Matthew back to Revelation. I’m sure it’s here somewhere. — Isn’t it?”   … [Read more...]

“The Judas Chronicles – III” / A Memorable Fancy #174

He said, “One of you will betray me.” And as he spoke I heard the dark wind gather my soul and curl words inside my ear. He looked at me and I expected sadness, maybe wrath, not what I saw. I lunged from the room, stumbling over chairs and pushing past the others, upset a bowl. Fools always, they thought I had some hurried errand for the poor; but I went to see the priests, and said, “I know where you can take him without the crowd.” And they said, “Lead us to him.” They asked my price … [Read more...]

“The Judas Chronicles – I” / A Memorable Fancy #170

     He called the Twelve to their professions: apostles, teachers; and to some he gave new names: “Petrus” (stone) or “Boanerges” (thunder); for the glory of natural Force was in them. And some he gave names from the ancient wisdom, as “Didymus” (twin), for the mystery of Heaven was in them.      But to one he gave the name “Iscariot”: knife-man. # # #      There were persistent rumors of Judas, Accountant Gone Bad, the grist of myth for sure. This man was found to count the cash … [Read more...]