“The National Myth” / Memorable Fancies #816

Why are there so few myths in this country? No tales of dragons and fair maidens, ever-sleeping princesses, or kings pining to return? Everything is factual here; in fact, the people are proud of it, proud of their myth that everything is factual. … [Read more...]

“The Conteur – I” / Memorable Fancies #1474

It was an ancient time, with wandering minstrels, conteurs and their astonishing tales. Into this serene and picturesque civilization, marred only by constant bloody wars of religion and ambition, came a story, a tale. Where it came from, and where it began, were lost in the graveyards of time. Some people said the tale always was, or had come from the darkest parts of our minds, or was told to God by a hanged man strangling on a rope. The tale was whispered from realm to realm. At first, it … [Read more...]

“The Exercise” / Memorable Fancies #611

(for Thom Gunn)     In this exercise you will have a pair of boots, a compass, knapsack, knife.      In this exercise you will find yourself inside a host device where you will have a means of movement, a way to use the knife.      In this exercise your mission will be to find the Giant by listening for his heavy falling steps and great harsh breath, locate him in his place and use the knife, or create him if you find no giant there, and use the knife.      In this exercise it is … [Read more...]

“Jack Sprat” / A Memorable Fancy #211

Jack Sprat was the world’s eat-no-fat record holder. He won many no-fat-eating competitions. He endorsed products containing no fat, and championed healthy causes. In secret, however, Jack ate fat. He ate a great deal of fat. He ate fat every chance he could get. He loved fat. He slurped it down with spoons and sucked it up with straws. He ate it fried and broiled and baked and even raw at times. There were suspicions that Jack was an eater-cheater. But he managed to hide his behavior by … [Read more...]