“Strange Events At the Airport” / Memorable Fancies #5

Strange things happen from time to time at Gate 32. People fly in from past decades, appear, and then sometimes vanish. As a last resort, airport authorities close off Gate 32, wall it in. Voices are heard from inside, becoming ever more desperate. It is possible that a few real flights have landed, their pilots misdirected to Gate 32 by careless controllers or ground crews. Their passengers mingle with those from the past, amaze them with stories of how the world has turned out, how much they … [Read more...]

“Where’s Margery?” / Memorable Fancies #141

Vince Darlington’s first novel was about to appear. He’d spent almost three years writing a gentle, loving, almost-fictitious story about his and Margery’s long affair and then marriage. Write. Write. Edit. Delete. Desperately search for the deleted file. Write more. Was that love scene strong enough? Too obvious? Perhaps – he shivered – boring? Finally, the manuscript was done. He’d had many doubts about it, but finally found a publisher who thought it could sell, asked for only a few … [Read more...]

“He’s Got a Gun!” / Memorable Fancies #612

     You were very clever, weren’t you, to figure it out from the clues I left lying loose like ends of string.      I’ll tie them up for you now, how I did it, why the dog didn’t bark in the windowless room.      While I’ve got the drop on you I’ll talk the time away until the cops burst through the door and I give up head-down abjectly, or cursing mad get conveniently shot and dying say,      “You knew I did it all along — didn’t you?” <END>      If you liked this post, … [Read more...]

” The Road in the Sea” / A Memorable Fancy #051

Archaeologists find the ruts of an ancient road running down into the sea. Then others find, straight across the sea, identical ruts rising from the water. Locals swear these ruts weren’t there last week.   … [Read more...]

“A Court Reporter Solves the Case” / A Memorable Fancy #029

     A court reporter, recording testimony in a murder case, suddenly understands who the real murderer was. Neither the prosecution nor the defense had figured it out.  … [Read more...]