“‘We have done away with noise'” / Memorable Fancies #1578

[“We have done away with noise.” – David Shapiro] We have done away with noise, not by eliminating it but by defining it as music; even to the screak of metal on glass, cries of the condemned, raucous shouts of groups who have suddenly understood something but not enough... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

Rachmaninoff Didn’t Write Enough Music

for piano, that is, with or without orchestra. If you think so, too, here are some other pieces you might find interesting. None (except possibly the Bortkiewicz Sonata) is of the caliber of the Master, but all are worth a hearing. Hamilton Harty, Piano Concerto [on Irish folk themes]. (Harty is best known for his arrangement of Handel’s Water Music.) The second movement of the concerto begins and ends with a wink at R’s typical four-note motif, and the second and third could have been … [Read more...]

“High Culture at the Washington Post” / Memorable Fancies #1398

[Under “Corrections”:] “In today’s Weekend section, which was printed in advance, a listing of chamber music performances incorrectly describes the Chiarina Chamber Players concert. ... The Schumann Piano Quintet is one of the works the group will perform, not a chamber ensemble that will join them in concert.” [Washington Post, 25 September 2015, page A2] <END> … [Read more...]