“Everybody Can” / Memorable Fancies #1619

Perhaps there really are people who can see themselves in mirrors; I know I can’t, no matter how I try, no matter how many times I’ve looked at that big mirror in the bathroom and smiled, or frowned, or waved my arms frantically – there’s still nothing but the wall behind me. We’re taught about mirrors from a very early age – see, Junior? That’s your face! And I look and I look and there’s nothing. I’m not there. So I ask Dad if he can see himself in the mirror and he looks away and … [Read more...]

“Upon Reflection,…” / Memorable Fancies #1453

[“The mirror is not the place to observe yourself.” – Henri Michaux] The mirrors have conspired to show us not ourselves, but strangers. Deep inside our minds, we all know that. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: For Anacreon, 30 poems of love and life from the ancient Greek poet (originally published as a chapbook by Silkworms Ink). … [Read more...]

“Seven Years … Seven Years” / Memorable Fancies #1344

Convicted of having broken a mirror, Harvey is sentenced to seven years of bad luck. But he hadn’t broken it – he was framed by a rival. It takes Harvey seven years to prove his innocence, owing to a run of bad luck in the court system. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: See/Saw. In this novel from Ink Smith Publishing, you can sell your memories for cash. And regret it. … [Read more...]

“Magic Mirror – I” / Memorable Fancies #590

     At one of those AS SEEN ON TV shops you can buy a magic mirror that reflects a different strange face whenever you look into it. Are these images of real people, or from your imagination, or what? I ask the image. Its lips move but of course no sound comes out, because it’s just a cheap mirror. <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or in StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, or other social websites.      Subscriptions to this blog … [Read more...]

“Observations of a Mirror” / Memorable Fancies #437

          It hangs against the bedroom wall and turns left-right the lifeless things it sees: a faintly flowered chair with curving legs and freckled arms, a headless robe asprawl the bed.          And through the closet door the silent suits step out toward it one each day and dress parade salute about face march away to rout the plaidies from their glen, un-nest the wing-tips from the upper floors, then home to hang again.         Turn your back, the mirror has your head and arms and … [Read more...]

“A Darkness of Mirrors” / A Memorable Fancy #165

There is a death in the dusty mansion; an old man has died. From long custom, all the mirrors are covered in dark cloth for mourning. A five-year-old grandson pokes around the house, finds himself in the old man’s bedroom where the man lies, dead. The child spies a black velvet drape covering a large mirror. That would make a super-cool dress-up, the five-year-old thinks. Grandpa will not mind, because he is dead. The child pulls the cloth from the mirror. There are various ways this event … [Read more...]

“75 Mirrors” / A Memorable Fancy #248

Billy’s favorite part of Five Flags was the fun house – “fun” as in confusing, disturbing, terrifying. Fun for a ten-year old, that is. And in the fun house, his absolute ultimate favorite thing was the Room of 75 Mirrors, and see himself himself himself himself from every angle, even from the ceiling and the floor. Disoriented and dizzy, he turned from side to side, almost fell down. But it was fun. He giggled and breathed a little too hard. After a while it was time to go. Yes, it did … [Read more...]