“The Hollow Mind” / Memorable Fancies #1701

[The mind is a hollow space constantly invaded by gods and voices.” – Roberto Calasso] For years I’ve heard the gods whispering to each other, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. But then one day I overheard them clearly – talking about me. When they discovered I was listening, they immediately shut up, glanced at each other, nodded. The memory of their voices, those fatal words, fills my hollow mind. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Mind’s Truth” / Memorable Fancies #1641

[“...the fury of the mind to possess a body that participates in its mode of existence.” – Jean Daniélou] The mind gathers sense-impressions, but these are all second hand, what the ears and eyes and nose pass on after much scrubbing of detail. The mind is not content with this estrangement from the real. After many years of frustration, the mind develops its own ideas of the outer world. But now it hears the outer world muttering about treatment, and therapy, and how dare the mind have … [Read more...]

“Killing-Time” / Memorable Fancies #220

“Tired of just killing time? Do you really enjoy all those games of solitaire, those TV re-runs, reading those finely wrought first novels? Don’t they just make your boredom more intense, make time go by even slower? The solution, my friends, is FastForward, a simple device that turns off your brainwaves, blanks your mind for a time interval you select. The FastForward system normally sells for $149.95, but if you act now we will rush it to you for only $19.95. That’s right, just $19.95, … [Read more...]

“The Handicap” / Memorable Fancies #1469

“In my world,” he said to me, “everyone has but one eye, so of course no one thinks it odd, or a handicap. In your world, I’ve noticed, everyone suffers from challenged intelligence, including you. But of course your colleagues at the University haven’t noticed....”     <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Fragments of the Future, 18 dark and unexpected sci-fi stories. Originally from StoneThread Publishing, now in a new second edition. … [Read more...]

“Soft of Hearing” / Memorable Fancies #1465

[“…only the most indistinct sounds reach the listener.” - Walter Benjamin] As we do not always hear with understanding, in our minds we make up for what’s missing - or unclear - or unwelcome. Do we judge the words harshly? Then we are judging ourselves. But truly, all words, everything we hear and even see is – like this.     <END>   … [Read more...]

“Little House” / Memorable Fancies #1434

[“lady will you come with me into / the extremely little house of / my mind.” – e.e.cummings] There’s not much to see here, but there’s no hidden furniture, either. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: For Anacreon, 30 poems of love and life from the ancient Greek poet (originally published as a chapbook by Silkworms Ink).   … [Read more...]

“Windows of the Skull” / Memorable Fancies #1332

[“windows of the skull” – Allen Ginsburg] The eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, – and that other portal no one knows about but me but I know it’s there. I have sensed the hidden world and its beings through it, they have visited me... <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Trees of Malice, 16 stories of horror and the weird too creepy to share. From Abuzz Press. … [Read more...]

“The Bank Jobs” / A Memorable Fancy #040

Russ had several bank jobs to his credit. In one of them, he killed a bank guard and a patrolman. Finally cornered, there is a shoot-out that terrifies the neighbors and makes headlines. Russ is mortally wounded, but does not immediately die. Medics rush him to a hospital, where his brain is extracted just before his body gives out. Authorities want to keep his consciousness alive so that he can be tried and punished. Henry, a desperately unemployed landscaper, volunteers to receive Russ’s mind … [Read more...]