“Can the Past Be Changed?” / Memorable Fancies #1631

Can the past be changed? If time is an illusion, then we can change the past. Make all those bad things not-happen. Make really good things happen, instead. But those would be illusions too. Go fish. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Da Capo” / A Memorable Fancy #137

[“...what a world would be like without recurrence, reiteration, repetition.” –Briony Fer] It would be like nothing, because there would be nothing for it to be like. A world without repetition, no déjà to vu. Everything an experiment, a launch into the blue. There would be nothing to learn from, nothing to learn. You would never learn. Every morning wake up surprised, curious, confused.   … [Read more...]

“Harry Changes the Past” / A Memorable Fancy #122

Harry decides to change the past. He invents a machine and goes into the past and changes it. Now he can’t remember that he ever did that, in the old present that now never happened. -or- Harry decides to change the past. He does, resulting in Harry’s no longer existing in the present. So he couldn’t have decided to change the past. He’s still here, in the present. Harry’s head hurts. -or- Harry decides to change the past. He travels into the past, but then assumes he’s in the … [Read more...]