“The Blanks” / Memorable Fancies #1715

[“I don’t like remembering things.” – Ezra Pound] I’ve given up remembering. Not everything. y’know, just things I didn’t like that happened to me. There are great blanks, now. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to fill them in with memories of things that should have happened to me, new and better things. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just go back to blanks. [Below: Back cover of my second novel, See/Saw - available on Amazon] … [Read more...]

“Glaciers of Memory” / Memorable Fancies #1581

[“the glaciers of memory” – Apollinaire] The glaciers of memory contain all the thoughts I never want to have again, frozen stiff and still, inaccessible. But even now I hear these thoughts grind slowly on the underneathing rock. They are searching for a crevasse, a way up, a way out. A way to reach the open sea. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Albert Hocks His Memories” / Memorable Fancies #10

Albert hocked his memories. Since he had led a humdrum life, his memories fetched very little, only enough for two or three beers. He wandered around the city, trying to remember why he was holding a claim check and a ten-dollar bill. He decided to have a beer and think it over. Maybe two or three. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Great Memories” / Memorable Fancies #0127

It was exciting at first, the idea of buying someone else’s memory of – certain real-life events. After the first idealistic predictions, the trade became mostly sexual, you know? Of course we should have figured that sex would sell better than anything else. But a few scholars persisted, and founded Great Memories. Don’t have time to sit through a lecture course on Ancient Egypt? Buy a mem from someone who did! Without sitting in those hard chairs hour after hour, you could be infused with … [Read more...]

“Harold Changes His Mind” / Memorable Fancies #1510

Harold changed his mind. It was old and he was tired of it, though he thought it still ran pretty well, for a mind that had been around for so many years, clogged with the silt of so many memories, his childhood and lovers and friends. The ads for newer minds sounded attractive, although with his old mind, Harold couldn’t quite understand what the ads were saying about nano and pico and femto and how buying one was such a great investment. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand all this new … [Read more...]

“To Be Happy” / Memorable Fancies #1155

[“Once we were happy, we had no memories.” – Louise Glück]      I remember that; remember being happy, that is. About what, I can’t recall; I’m happier that way. <END> Buy it on Amazon: The Seventh Effect. In this novel, a NSA-like organization knows – perhaps too much.   … [Read more...]

“Full Disclosure” / Memorable Fancies #770

[“...allowing therapists to insert thoughts and memories into the mind of the patient.” – Marina Warner]      “Now Mr. Thompson, we’re going to insert some thoughts into your mind: memories, preferences, attitudes. When you awake, you’ll think they’re your own thoughts that you’ve had for years. We’ve tried other procedures, but in your case they’ve failed.      “You’ll be sedated, but only briefly, and after two or three hours you’ll be ready to go home. If you do not consent to this … [Read more...]