“Moving the Darkness” / Memorable Fancies #1702

[“Claims to dispel darkness, literal or figurative, lead us to darkness relocated or recreated elsewhere.” – Craig Koslofsky] With much effort, I have relocated the darkness away from here in Perigord and moved it to Agenais. I have been paid in gold by Perigord’s farmers, who can now sow and reap day and night. Tomorrow I will go to Agenais, where now everything is dark, and help them with their problem, too, of course after they pay me. And then back to Perigord... [Click ‘Random … [Read more...]

“A Casting of Spells” / Memorable Fancies #1683

Spells spoken by Government officials work as documented, some of the time anyway, but ... there are always side-effects. The Administration is in the habit of claiming that these side-effects are additional features – as they hurriedly try to neutralize them. When we cast our own meager spells, however, there are never side-effects; never any effects, actually. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“You have one wish…” / Memorable Fancies #1417

The Great Being appeared to Donovan. “You have one wish,” it said, “and no tricks like asking for three more wishes; I’m on to that scam.” Donovan thought a moment, then asked “how long do I have to make up my mind?” and the Being said, with a smirk, “take as long as you like; I’ll be here.” “Aha,” Donovan thought, “that’s a trick. If there’s no deadline, the Being knows I’ll never make a wish, because then my power would be gone. Better to keep my strength as mere potential – I could take … [Read more...]

“The Magician” / Memorable Fancies #1411

I look at my watch. It’s 5:46am. I turn to my writing again and believe, after a while, that I’m making hard-won progress with my all-night stint. I look at the watch again, and again it reads 5:46am. It must be broken, and yet the second-hand continues its calm rotation. I write more: a new chapter, a new character (an evil magician) is introduced. 5:46am. Yes, my watch must be broken. But where is the sunrise? <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Fragments of the Future, 18 … [Read more...]

“The Marvelous Word” / Memorable Fancies #579

“Perhaps the sacred name had been misspelled / or in its uttering been jumbled or too weak.” – Borges  Nothing happened when I said “SHAZAM!” Well, what did you expect? I thought I might become Captain Marvel. But of course that didn’t happen. No, but now I’m trying other magic words, phrases. I could become Captain Something-Else. There is always room for one more Captain, right? I’m using an app that searches, one by one, for all the magic words of all cultures. You input some … [Read more...]

“The Fourteenth Task” / A Memorable Fancy #108

The brave young hero has completed his thirteenth task. “Now,” he says to the King, “Now that I have done all that you have asked of me, including the silver mountain and the magic goose and those three extra tasks you didn’t tell me about at first – now, now may I have the Princess’ hand and half the kingdom?” The King looks at the hero in silence. The hero sees what’s coming. “Not another task!” he exclaims. “You are a faithless king indeed.” The King seems sad. “You are brave, young … [Read more...]