“The Tell” / Memorable Fancies #1466

Elaine noticed it first: When John began a sentence with “Frankly...,” the next thing he uttered was always a lie. And if he began with “Very frankly...,” it was a real whopper.     <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Fragments of the Future, 18 dark and unexpected sci-fi stories. Originally from StoneThread Publishing, now in a new second edition.   … [Read more...]

“The Clever Fellow” / Memorable Fancies #773

       Zog has invented something he calls “Language.” He taught Language to several of us; that’s how I’m able to tell you what a clever fellow Zog is. It makes communicating a lot easier for us than waving our arms and grunting incoherently.      There’s a lot more to learn about Language, Zog says. Starting tomorrow, he’s tutoring us on something he calls “Lying.” Clever fellow. <END> THE TUESDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment … [Read more...]

“Fabrication” / A Memorable Fancy #191

Dad had a couple of workmen out and they dug holes and poured concrete and brought in some lumber and put up a fence all around our back yard. Sometimes I hear Dad tell people he put up the fence, but I know he just hired some men to do it. So now I don’t know when to believe Dad and when not to.   … [Read more...]

“Liar, liar!” / A Memorable Fancy #067

  I lie, but everyone believes me. At first a few small fibs, then more of them and more unlikely. My lies become outrageous. Finally, I tell them I am God; that will be too much for anyone to believe. But they just nod and say “yes, yes,” or “for sure,” or “nice day, isn't it?”   … [Read more...]