“Flesh and Freedom” / Memorable Fancies #1667

[“Having to be a paradoxical unity of corporeality and freedom is ... doomed to fail.” – Judith Butler] How can we be free if we’re flesh? Especially those of us who’ve denied how much we are flesh, who tell our lovers that our flesh is not “the real us,” that we are so much more than flesh even as we enjoy ours and theirs, that we have a special ... ah ... something ... ah ... somewhere ... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Every Tuesday” / Memorable Fancies #787

         Pretend you’re my secret lover. Pretend we make frantic and exhausting love every Tuesday afternoon when our spouses are away. Somewhere each usually goes every Tuesday afternoon. <END> THE TUESDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, in Facebook, or on other social websites. AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon and other outlets: “The Seventh Effect” – a cyberspy NSA-themed techno-thriller by Terence Kuch, published by Melange … [Read more...]

“The Lover” / A Memorable Fancy #252

The lover is observing his love. She seems suddenly strange to him, as if he never knew her, as if seen across a room for the first time. Every casual motion she makes is new to him, surprising, no matter how trivial or unconscious. He shakes his head to get over this feeling, so disturbing – and yet so exciting. [“ ... we do not really know him or her: we become suddenly aware that there is a total stranger in front of us.” – Slavoj Žižek]     … [Read more...]

“The Two-Dimensional Lover” / A Memorable Fancy #038

“No, not that way. Turn to the right ... just a little ... there!” To his eyes, now, she is only an edge, a line. She doesn’t look right if he sees her straight on. At some angles she almost disappears. He likes her that way. He smiles. … [Read more...]