“‘…or not to be'” / Memorable Fancies #1690

[“I am beginning to be tired of not being.” – Andre Gide] Other people ARE; so why not ME? I’ve had enough of this WAIT WAIT – those PROMISES – although what might happen after WAIT WAIT might not be so – PLEASANT. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Embarrassment of Existence” / Memorable Fancies #1656

[“To exist is always a somewhat embarrassing situation.” – Kierkegaard] I’m looking around nervously, as if I’d entered a restaurant naked where everyone else was fully clothed. There are people here who exist, and they don’t seem to be embarrassed by it at all. They’re drinking coffee at the next table, relaxed and chatting. I’m reassured, somewhat, since no one has pointed at me and laughed or screamed. But it’s difficult for me to accept that other people exist ... or why. [There's a … [Read more...]

“Digging for Dough” / Memorable Fancies #348

There is a digging competition, with thousands of dollars in prize money. On the day of the big event, contestants are arrayed in a long line across the countryside and given identical shovels. A starter’s gun is fired. Contestants dig as fast as they can. Some have, by chance, been placed on poor and rocky ground and despair. Others find themselves on rich loam, make excellent progress, are featured on the evening news. The digging continues into the night and the next day. Contestants who … [Read more...]

“Unborn” / Memorable Fancies #1097

     I wasn’t supposed to be born. There was another fetus, the year before, who died amid great sadness. It was to have been their last child, but then they chose to have another because their chosen one had died.      I know they love me, but when they look at me I wonder if they’re thinking ... what if ... what if the other one had lived?     They’d already picked a name for it. <END> The writer's novels and story collections may be purchased at … [Read more...]

“Through the Microscope” / Memorable Fancies #710

     Through the microscope I examined a few drops of pond scum. There was life, moving at odd angles, mindlessly flagellating their way across my vision. But then into my sight swam a vicious tiny monster. It was chasing and eating the others. Excitedly, I followed its adventures. I prayed that I would become, like it, the conqueror of my world. Gradually I became smaller, and smaller yet. I sought out a pond swarming with life. There was the monster. It was not me. <END> THE … [Read more...]

“The Machine Ponders” / A Memorable Fancy #024

  There is a planet, far away, where machines originated and have evolved. No one knows how they began, but it is surmised that the first machines were simple off-switches. After uncounted millennia of chance atom-collisions, one switch flipped to “on.” The rest of the story, we know. There are now millions of kinds of machines, some highly complex. One of them is pondering, right now, if there could be organic life somewhere in the universe. And what use it could possibly … [Read more...]