“The King Sups” / A Memorable Fancy #408

     The ancient manuscript was finally translated. It contained directions on how to flavor roast oxen for the great king’s supper one evening, which turned out to be his last. Paleographers were disappointed in the subject matter, but it was an old and valuable parchment nonetheless, definitely museum-quality.      In addition, it was curious in containing a number of partially obliterated words and phrases. These had been skipped in the first quick translation effort, but now museum … [Read more...]

“The Reign” / A Memorable Fancy #173

When the king is crowned, we cheer. When the king is married, we cheer. When the king is ill, we pray. When the king issues decrees, we worry. When the king is well, we cower in our homes. When the king sends his officers among us, we hide. When the king dies, we cheer. … [Read more...]