Today Is Good Friday / Memorable Fancies #1814

[“From the previous story the rooster crows.” - Clarice Lispector] I wrote a story in which a cock crowed, but then nothing further was heard of it, and so the editor said “Lose the bird – it’s just for atmosphere and you don’t need it: your pigs and cows are enough – already too much.” So I moved the chicken to a different story. Now it crows just as the infamous betrayal takes place. … [Read more...]

“The Judas Chronicles – IV” / A Memorable Fancy #176

I leave it all to mother, dear heart, who never did approve of her accountant son. She wanted me to do with grain or fruit, with growing something in the earth and sun, wheat or lemons, mandarines. Well now, I’ve bought a field I’ve never seen, supposed to be good earth, well settled in citrus and shaded with cedar, good for growing trees; bought for a song – about a man. What will it grow for me? #      The farmers’ custom calls for prayer upon a planting field. “Hosanna for things of the … [Read more...]

“The Judas Chronicles – III” / A Memorable Fancy #174

He said, “One of you will betray me.” And as he spoke I heard the dark wind gather my soul and curl words inside my ear. He looked at me and I expected sadness, maybe wrath, not what I saw. I lunged from the room, stumbling over chairs and pushing past the others, upset a bowl. Fools always, they thought I had some hurried errand for the poor; but I went to see the priests, and said, “I know where you can take him without the crowd.” And they said, “Lead us to him.” They asked my price … [Read more...]

“The Judas Chronicles – II” / A Memorable Fancy #172

The others prayed for strength to raise the dead, not I that stupid game of corpses warm and stinking life. The others learned to cast out devils’ nasty souls, not I that stupid game of chasing ghosts as slow to catch as slugs. But I, I knew his Power could grip the earth when angry masses shout for bread. No emperor could stand against that strength. # “Judas was an easy one to take; that kind always is. I had not so much to turn him, no, as merely let him be.” [To be continued … [Read more...]

“The Judas Chronicles – I” / A Memorable Fancy #170

     He called the Twelve to their professions: apostles, teachers; and to some he gave new names: “Petrus” (stone) or “Boanerges” (thunder); for the glory of natural Force was in them. And some he gave names from the ancient wisdom, as “Didymus” (twin), for the mystery of Heaven was in them.      But to one he gave the name “Iscariot”: knife-man. # # #      There were persistent rumors of Judas, Accountant Gone Bad, the grist of myth for sure. This man was found to count the cash … [Read more...]

“Judas Presents a Charity Plan” / A Memorable Fancy #035

Judas had drafted a statement of policy for determining who would be supported by the group’s charities. “First of all, of course, we must distinguish the deserving poor from those who could work at something, if suitably washed and got up in clean clothes, and energized, and motivated. “And second, we must ask that women seeking relief diminish the number of their children, or at least undertake to produce no more. “Third, we do ask that all applicants for assistance be fresh and eager … [Read more...]