Point of View in Fiction: Elements and Choices – a short course

Taking a one-day timeout from our daily microfiction, today's post is a short course called Point of View in Fiction: Elements and Choices, comprising a PowerPoint presentation and the accompanying, and much more detailed, Word document. The two files are attached below. If you have a problem accessing either of them, please contact me via a Comment here, or email terencekuch /a/t/ ymail.com. The Word document also appears below. POV-TerenceKuch POV-Terence … [Read more...]

“The Diary” / Memorable Fancies #693

      An alarming discovery: Someone has been writing in my diary – writing about what I did with – someone else. Things I would never put in my diary! Things I have carefully withheld from it, not told it even in whispers while I am recording one uneventful event after another. Whoever has done this writing is trying to disguise his handwriting, making it look like mine.       But in this he has failed. I know my own handwriting: it’s smooth, even; not like the intruder’s jagged and shaky … [Read more...]