“The Secret” / Memorable Fancies #1327

[“I should have waited before I learned this.” – John Ashbery] I’d have been better off, happier anyway, if I’d never learned the secret at all. I was too young, you see; I should have waited, waited. Now I’m bummed out. I know you haven’t learned the secret yet – you seem so happy. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Pictures of the Invisible, a fiction sampler. … [Read more...]

“Looking at Each Other” / Memorable Fancies #1132

[“And when we no longer have each other to look at”] – John Ashbery] ...we’ll look at someone else – as we’ve secretly looked all along. <END> Buy it on Amazon: For Anacreon, 30 poems of love and life from the ancient Greek poet. … [Read more...]

“A Gesture” / Memorable Fancies #1124

[“The disconcerted gestures of statues ...” – John Ashbery]      The statue’s arms, in that gesture. What ... ? Was there another statue there before, facing it, sledgehammer raised? A statue of a friend? A lover?   <END> Buy it on Amazon: See/Saw. In this novel you can sell your memories for cash. And regret it. … [Read more...]