“The Singing-Chamber” / Memorable Fancies #1652

“[I shall sing the song of perished peoples.” – Thomas Bernhard] – but not the song of how they died – how we drove them into the singing-chambers – how their songs faded as they died – what their songs might have told us, if only... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Mountain” / A Memorable Fancy #399

Again there was thunder and lightning in the mountain, and trumpets, and smoke there, and fire. Again Moses came down from the mountain carrying the tables of the Law, came a second time to Aaron and the people. They swore, the people, this time, to take the Law into their selves, their bodies, and live in the grasp and clutch of God forever.      Moses set up the tables of the Law in the midst of his people, so they might read what the god had commanded. Each one read with eyes and fingers … [Read more...]