“Who’s in charge here?” / Memorable Fancies #1626

[“I cannot self-terminate.” – Terminator 2: Judgment Day] [“I’d rather be nothing.” – Alien 3] [“It is forbidden to unplug yourself.” – Jean Baudrillard] Opinions differ about suicide. Some call every death a suicide, giving up the will to survive the disease, or elude the killer. Others dismiss this view as delusive; we have no say in our deaths, they say, however much we passionately want to control this second-most-important life event, no matter how well we’ve convinced ourselves … [Read more...]

“Do you want to be anyone else?” / Memorable Fancies #1358

[“Do you want to be anyone else?” – Jean Baudrillard] Some answers are: .. No, I want to be everyone else. .. No, I’d like to be me, ... please? Just this once? .. Yes. I’d like to be Ralph Kargen of Otta, Nebraska. He’s a fictional character who gets sucked into a hole in the ground one day by an evil being and that sounds like the most exciting thing that ever happened in Nebraska. .. Yes. I’d like to be one of those movie characters who keeps coming back in sequel after sequel … [Read more...]

“Remorse” / Memorable Fancies #1009

[“Dart a very fine glance into the eye of the torturer. He will be left with eternal remorse, without even remembering it.” – Jean Baudrillard] That’s a pleasant consolation for you as he cleans, and again uses, the delicate instruments of his trade. <END> THE PITCH If you liked this post, please FOLLOW or tell your friends and share a comment here or on other social websites. For an author profile, list of publications, other information, and a contact form, see … [Read more...]